Dear my-bookings family!

For the planned opening of the accommodation facilities on 19.5. we have tried to look for the most important documents together and furthermore we have created a possibility for the guest to simply upload the required Covid documents via a link, or to take a picture of the document with the cell phone. These documents are then automatically assigned to the booking and can be viewed in detail in the booking list (-> 3DS/Covid).

Furthermore, we create an automated report where you can see the bookings "today + 2 days", with a list of uploaded documents to simplify the control of the documents. This report can be found under "Reports". In the booking list it will also be visually apparent whether - and how many documents have been uploaded.

What is to be done for you: 

1. the upload possibility is offered in the 3DS/Covid -Infoseite with - it is thus only with the message automatic an email with the subject e.g. COVID-19-WICHTIG-URGENT - to send - and the placeholder "Link -3DS/COVID" with a short instruction to insert. Of course, we have also added a condition for the "E-mail automatik rule". 

So the guest should be asked to provide the required documents. So: tested or vaccinated or convalescent to upload on the info page for all arriving guests AND is URGENTLY asked to fill in the field: "Mobile / Handy" and "E-mail", as these values are URGENTLY required for the COVID-19 registration.  (ONE e-mail/cell phone number is sufficient).

Text PROPOSED for Covid-19 Email (delete what is not needed if necessary and fill in what is missing):


Werter Gast!

Schön, dass wir Sie wieder willkommen heißen dürfen. Aufgrund der aktuellen Auflagen müssen wir Sie bitten, sich vorab etwas Zeit zu nehmen und die folgenden Anweisungen genau durchzulesen.

Ein Aufenthalt ist aktuell ausschließlich unter folgenden Bedingungen erlaubt:

zulässig sind ....

  • Selbsttest mit digitaler Lösung 24 Stunden
  •  Antigentest 48 Stunden
  • PCR-Test 72 Stunden
  • Ausnahmsweise können auch Eigen-Tests unter Aufsicht des Betreibers der Betriebsstätte vorgenommen werden (ACHTUNG AUSSCHLIEßLICH BEI HOTELS MIT REZEPTION)
  • COVID-Impfung
  • Bestätigung, dass man von COVID genesen ist

Das Ergebnis eines der oben angeführten Tests bzw. den Nachweis einer Impfung bitten wir Sie unter folgendem Link für JEDEN MITREISENDEN hochzuladen  bzw. mit dem Handy zu fotografieren:

---- hier ist der PH "Link 3DS/COVID" einzufügen -------

Sind alle Dateien hochgeladen müssen Sie uns bitte noch unter o.a. Link folgende Daten ergänzen:

  • E-mail Adresse
  • Telefonnummer

Da die Strafen im Falle einer Missachtung hoch sind, bitten wir Sie sich in unser aller Interesse daran zu halten. 

DANK Ihrer Mithilfe können wir Ihnen GEMEINSAM einen erholsamen Aufenthalt ermöglichen!


Dear guest,

It is nice that we can welcome you again. Due to the current conditions, we must ask you to take some time in advance and read the following instructions carefully.

A stay is currently only allowed under the following conditions:

permissible are ....

  • a self-test with digital solution 24 hours
  • antigen test 48 hours
  • PCR test 72 hours
  • Exceptionally, self-testing may be carried out under the supervision of the operator of the establishment (note: only in hotels with reception)
  • COVID vaccination
  • confirmation that one has recovered from COVID

We ask you to upload the result of one of the above tests or proof of vaccination at the following link for EACH TRAVELER or take a picture with your cell phone:

---- hier ist der PH "Link 3DS/COVID" einzufügen -------

Once all files are uploaded, please also fill in the following data fields under the above link which are man:

  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

Since the penalties in case of disregard are high, we ask you to adhere to it in the interest of all of us. 

THANKS to your help we can provide you TOGETHER with a relaxing stay!


Ergänzung Textvorschlag für Upload ungültiger Daten:


Sehr geehrter Gast!

Leider sind die von Ihnen geladenen DAten ungültig. Wir bitten Sie daher DRINGEND einen gültigen Nachweis eines negativen COVID19 Test oder die Bestätigung einer Impfung oder Genesung hochzuladen.

Andernfalls können wir Ihnen leider keine Unterkunft zur Verfügung stellen. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis, dass eventuell anfallende Kosten in Rechnung gestellt werden können.


Unfortunately, the data you have loaded is invalid. We therefore URGENTLY ask you to upload valid proof of a negative COVID19 test or confirmation of vaccination or recovery.

Otherwise we will not be able to provide you with accommodation. We ask for your understanding that any costs incurred may be charged.


Who has problems with the settings: We offer a zoom meeting for everyone - where Anika will show the individual settings 

live. You can join the meeting under this link:

We have the following dates scheduled for now: 

Friday 14.05.2021 - 2:00pm

Monday 17.05.2021 - 14:00 hrs

Here are the key links to the COVID-19 opening ordinance:

COVID-19 Opening Ordinance

COVID-19 prevention concept

All information on how to deal with possible COVID-19 suspicions

Test kits for catering and hotel businesses free of charge

Frequently asked questions about entry and exit

(it is best to send this link to the guests)

COVID19 laboratories in Vienna

Important hotlines

Citizens' service of the Ministry of Health: 0800 201 611

AGES hotline: 0800 555 621; from abroad: +43 1 3860 555 

(for general questions about the coronavirus, 

also about entry requirements or how to get tested)

In case of symptoms: 1450 

Citizens' Service of the Ministry of the Interior: +43 1 531 26 - 3100

Your my-bookings - Team!

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